Nutritional Supplements

Daily Resilience

 A combination of vitamins and minerals in their most complete, biologically active forms, with a range of the the world's healthiest superfoods.  This unique formula has whole nutrient families that work better than the isolated nutrients found in most multivitamin/minerals.  Bioactive nutrient forms improve absorption and utilization, and superfoods provide a spectrum of important phytonutrient.   


Formula 303

A very popular natural muscle relaxant that helps decrease muscle spasm, inflammation, tension, and stress.   This contains a 6:1 Valerian Root/Magnesium Carbonate so the smell is not the best, but it does not cause stomach issues and you can work, function without brain fog or drowsiness of prescription muscle relaxants.

Muscle MX CBD Balm

1000 mg CBD Balm for short and long term relief for impacted muscles, joints, and tendons after activity.  Great for chronic or acute pain.

CBD/Melatonin Tablets

This formula contains 300mg CBD/90 mg Melatonin and is a full spectrum hemp derived CBD with Melatonin designed to help with sleep.


TestosterZone has been formulated to support lean muscle mass, physical stamina, endurance, vitality, mental performance, speed of reaction, sexual function, libido and capabilitym, when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.  The ingredients are safe, effective, and can deliver the many benefits of increased resting serum testosterone concentrations within the normal range when combined with a low-glycemic diet and moderate-to-intense daily exercise.

Heel Supplements

One of the main problems that Heel Supplements address is promoting the body’s processes of self-healing, helping it combat illness and recover its biological balance. Heel formulas are combinations of natural ingredients that work together to provide multi-symptom relief from many common ailments.



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